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№ 2018/1

Political economy


1Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine

A polit-economic forecast of the global co-development in the 21st century: global post-capitalism or the world-system of information-network globalism

Ekon. teor. 2018; 1:5-20https://doi.org/10.15407/etet2018.01.005


Based on the results of many years of research into the processes and problems of economic globa-lization, global integration and the convergence of various socio-economic systems, and based on the revealed regularities and laws of global co-development and global transformations, the article makes an attempt of a polit-economic forecast of the metamorphoses of capitalist and socialist economic systems. Presented the author’s theoretical conception of coexistence, co-development and conver-gence of capitalist and socialist post-industrial systems and their interconnected co-evolution within the framework of global competitive co-development in the sphere of a globally integrated world market for near and distant historical perspective. The author predicts a phased formation of a new, global socio-technological technetronic-informational integrated global production method, a global informational and networked economy with a potential for phased transition to a new global civilizational and formational world-system of noospheric globalism and global solidarity.

Keywords:global capitalism, global post-capitalism, global post-socialism, world-system of post-industrial globalism, global information-network economic system, global financial civilization, social transformations of post-industrial global capitalism

JEL: F01, G10, O10

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