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№ 2018/1

Political economy


1National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (Dnipro)

The power-property and state at the epoch of the first civilizations

Ekon. teor. 2018; 1:21-44https://doi.org/10.15407/etet2018.01.021


The article deals with the interaction of power-property and state at the epoch age of the first civili-zations. In a broad sense, the state can be represented either as a specially organized society or as a civil society. However, the latter emerges and evolves as a sphere of non-state life of the state’s citizens. Different research contexts and accents can be dominated by different narrow senses of the state.
Thus, in a political, social and economic sense, the state is a special organization representing the society as a whole, its needs and interests, including economic ones, which ensures coordination of the interests of various social strata (groups) and/or economic entities, and protects interests, above all, of the most influential social layer (group) and/or economic entity.
From the institutional point of view, the state is a system of its own institutions, designed to streamline the life of the society and its various components, as well as the formation of the institutions as such. In other contexts or perspectives, the state can be treated as a special entity to enforce power and violence; a group of professional politicians and managers representing the society and its main social strata (groups); the main political formation of the country, etc.
In each of the contexts, the state is "inseparable" with power-property, since the conception and emergence of the former occurs under the conditions of the domination of the latter, and the latter bequeaths to the former its first basic invariants that are inherent to any state, regardless of the place and time of its existence. The study of appropriation in the period of state formation proves that state property is merely a form of the basic types of power-ownership appropriation of key items. The author shows the cyclic co-evolution of the aforementioned types of appropriation and the adequate to them forms of state system at the epoch of the first Eastern civilizations.

Keywords:power-poverty, state, forms of the power-poverty appropriation, confederation, federation, despotism, proto-institutions, institutions as such.

JEL: B110

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