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№ 2018/1

Political economy


1Kyiv National Economic University Named After Vadym Hetman

Social-economic contradictions in the system of agrarian relations and problems of the methodology of their analysis

Ekon. teor. 2018; 1:59-78https://doi.org/10.15407/etet2018.01.059


In recent years, economists are increasingly engaged in research into the contradictions of social development in general and the system of industrial relations in particular. However, not always the results of theoretical studies are rigorous. This is due to insufficient development of methodological bases for analysis of social and economic contradictions in different types of economic systems. Therefore, today, economic science is facing the task to deepen the basic scientific approaches, me-thods and principles of the analysis of socio-economic contradictions in the system of agrarian relations, which would allow to receive rigorous results. The solution of this task would contribute not only to the development of economic science, but also to the improvement of economic practice.
The purpose of the article is to clarify the essence and specificity of socio-economic contradictions in the system of agrarian relations, and to determine the methodological bases of their analysis in different types of economic systems. Methodological and theoretical bases of the study are the works of foreign and domestic scientists. The present work is using general scientific and special methods of research, such as, systemic and structural-functional approaches, comparative analysis - in order to reveal the essence and peculiarities of socio-economic contradictions, the definition of scientific approaches and methods of analysis of socio-economic contradictions; abstract-analytical and logical methods – to formulate methodological principles of the analysis of socio-economic contradictions in the system of agrarian relations, etc.
Socio-economic contradictions can be regarded as a phenomenon, as an economic category and as an institutional form of the functioning of societies. Socio-economic contradictions as a phenomenon are an expression of economic interests of the agents of industrial relations; as an economic category, they are the expression of the unity of and struggle between the opposing sides of property, which characterizes the essence of socio-economic relations (that is, they are the relation of unity of and struggle between appropriation and alienation as the two sides of ownership); and, as an institutional form of the functioning of societies, they are an institutionally expressed relation of the unity of and struggle between the opposites in socio-economic relations, which serves as an internal source for the development of socio-economic formations.
There are three groups of problems associated with the analysis of contradictions: their identification and cognition; regulation and forecasting of their development, and their solution. In the study of con-tradictions in the system of agrarian relations, dialectical, formative, civilizational, systemic, dynamic, sociological, scientometric and praxeological approaches should be used. Socio-economic contradic-tions, as contradictions in property relations, need to be analyzed, firstly, in dynamics, that is, as a relationship of appropriation; second, in an organic relationship with the material process; third, in connection with the basic economic law of a particular socio-economic formation; fourth, in conjunction with the process of capital accumulation; fifth, with disclosing the essence of each contradiction as a source of development; sixth, with determining the place of each contradiction in the system of contradictions; seventh, with identifying the agents responsible for the implementation of each of the opposing sides of the contradiction; eighth, considering the universality of the laws of dialectics (that is, they operate in all socio-economic formations); ninth, taking into account the specificity of the action of general laws in various spheres and conditions; and tenth, take into account the fact that the laws and categories of dialectics indirectly reflect the processes of social life.
The obtained results will allow to develop an effective strategy and tactics for the solution of socio-economic contradictions in the system of agrarian relations.

Keywords:socio-economic contradictions, property relations, methodology, agrarian relations, methodological principles, scientific approaches

JEL: A100, В410, B490

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