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Andriy Hrytsenko, a famous economist,  Academician, NAS of Ukraine,  Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Deputy Director of State Organization “Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine”




A.Hrytsenko’s scientific activities are devoted to the problems of the methodology of economic theory, questions of property, value and money, regularities of economic development, market oriented reforms and economic and monetary policies. He has elaborated an integrant concept of jointly-divided relations as a fundamental element of the basis of all economic systems. He created a theoretical model of an inversion type market oriented transformation containing a big methodological potential for studying transformation processes of different level.


A.Hrytsenko founded the logico-historical school of Ukrainian economic science, which made it possible to unite a system of logical operations and processes of theoretical reproduction of historical development and ascension from the abstract to the concrete in the course of the cognition of economic systems. His logico-historical methodology has been used in a wide range of researches, in particular, in the theory of property, which allowed revealing the fundamental and actual structures of the property relations, as well as the natural stages and historical relations between private and public forms of appropriation, and their internal dialectics. From the very beginning of the market oriented reforms in Ukraine, the logico-historical school has been advocating the institutional approaches as a basis for the use and modification of the neo-classical and Keynesian concepts. Under the guidance of A.Hrytsenko, in the Institute for Economics and Forecasting, NAS of Ukraine, the researchers carried out a large scale research of the institutional architectonics of economic systems, and revealed its main laws and characteristics of its institutional dynamics.


A.Hrytsenko is the author of more than 280 scientific works including over 30 monographs and textbooks on economic theory. He conducted scientific guidance of the work on such research projects as “Formation of the new economic order in Ukraine”, “Institutional transformation of Ukraine`s economy”, “Institutional architectonics and dynamics of economic reforms”, “Hierarchy and network structures in economic systems”, “The institution of trust in the coordinates of economic space-time”, and “Institutional transformations of Ukraine’s socio-economic system»….


A.Hrytsenko combines his scientific research with teaching and scientific organizational work. A.Hrytsenko is Scientific Secretary of the Interdepartmental Coordination Council on Economic Theory at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; Member of the Presidium of and Head of the Section of Economic Theory in the Scientific and Methodological Commission on Economy and Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; Member of the Scientific and Methodological Commission on Economics and Management of Classical Universities at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


A.Hrytsenko is member of editorial boards of several economic journals.